Clare’s monochrome paintings operate as poetic objects that elicit a slow, engaged looking and affective response in the viewer.   Working in series undermines traditional categories of meaning and facilitates a multifaceted engagement with individual paintings and their relationships.

Her work refers to the Modernist grid, which continues to serve as a reductive framework for nuance and depth.  In Clare’s practice however, the grid operates not as an end in itself, but as a possible, or default outcome of her process-based practice.  

Clare relies on the organisation of surfaces as traces of labour, time and consideration, based on arbitrary systems that operate an internal logic.  In these two new series of work, the paintings are created in direct relation to text, referencing language as the ultimate arbitrary system of meaning. 

Her methodology is based on process, repetition and a ‘concrete’ use of materials as meaningful in themselves.   Repeating simple, single actions and marks, which expose the incongruities of her labour, Clare generates unexpected uncertainties, ‘flaws’ and transformations within her work.

Clare was born in Melbourne, Australia and lives and works in London, UK.