Clare’s primarily monochrome practice is situated within histories of Modernism and Post-Minimalism.  Her paintings operate as poetic objects that elicit a slow, engaged looking and affective response in the viewer.   Working in series to undermine traditional categories of meaning facilitates a multifaceted engagement with individual paintings and their relationships with each other and their environment.

Clare considers the contingent nature of systems of meaning through a focus on labour and a concrete use of materials as meaningful in themselves.  She relies on the organisation of surfaces as traces of labour, time and consideration, based on arbitrary systems that operate an internal logic.  

Process and repetition form the basis of Clare’s methodology, questioning hierarchies of making and materials and generating unexpected uncertainties and transformations within her work. Making each element individually by hand facilitates the inevitable transformation, communicating the impossibility of the repeat as a perfect replica and celebrating the richness of the ‘perfect imperfect’.

Clare was born in Melbourne, Australia and lives and works in London, UK.